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We can help you reach your academic goals hassle-free.

Professional Essay Writing Service for Students Who Want More

Excellent professional essay writing service you can always depend upon

Your journey through college is critical, although it has many challenges. At these challenges’ heart lies the inability to do and submit your classwork on time. Moreover, you might have the time to write your assignments but fail to meet the desired standards.

So, what do you do when those disruptive moments arise and threaten to sabotage your education? To whom do you turn when you need help to beat essay deadlines? Fortunately, you can always depend on our reliable essay writing service to keep you on par with your classmates. 

For over ten years, we have enabled thousands of students in and outside the United States to get timely, affordable, and reliable academic help. You, too, can join over 56,000 students using GradeMiners to achieve much-coveted academic success.

Get Professional Essay Writing Services Today!

They say that today is the present; it’s the only gift of time you can control because tomorrow is just that—a promise. Our expert team will help you advance with your academic assignments today. You don’t need to wait until tomorrow to get help when it’s here today. Our professional essay writing service covers different core areas affecting your journey through college.

Academic Topics

Our writing solutions span, but aren’t limited to, the following subjects: 

  • Physics.
  • Chemistry.
  • Mathematics.
  • Biology.
  • Literature.
  • Medicine.
  • Law.
  • Commerce.
  • Accounting.
  • Philosophy.
  • Psychology.
  • Sociology.
  • Films (Movies).
  • Advertising.
  • General Forums.
  • Technology.
  • Rhetoric and Composition.

Paper Writing Services

You can also enjoy our essay writing services with the following paper types:

  • Term paper writing.
  • Assignment writing.
  • Coursework.
  • Research paper writing.
  • Case studies and project reports.
  • Essay writing.
  • Dissertation writing.
  • Narrative and descriptive writing.
  • Literature review.
  • Annotated bibliography.
  • Admission writing.
  • Research proposal.
  • Research paper.
  • Term paper coursework.
  • Thesis/ dissertation.
  • Presentation/speech. 
  • Rewriting.

Editing and Proofreading

We believe in excellent work. Thus, we polish everything to meet the highest academic standards. Below are some of the editing and proofing services you can enjoy:

  • Formatting grammatical errors and spellings.
  • Organizing your content to flow logically.
  • Project report layout and design.
  • Identifying and fixing gaps in academic content.
  • Creating reusable content templates.
  • Suggesting catchy titles and headings.
  • Formatting figures, charts, and tables.
  • Conducting multiple proofreading revisions.
  • Editing content to make meet academic writing standards.
  • Structuring content to suit readers’ needs.
  • Ensuring bibliographical accuracy and citing accurate sources.
  • Identifying missing content, references, and citations.
  • Formatting fonts and design styles.

You also enjoy many freebies with our service. Here are some of the free services you will get when choosing to use our essay writing solutions.

  • Title page.
  • Formatting.
  • Outline.
  • Bibliography.
  • Additional revisions.
  • Originality check.

Don’t Drown in Assignments — Ask an Essay Writer to Help!

You don’t need to drown in your assignments when you can hire an expert essay writer to help in your hour of need. Our excellent writers produce academic works in different citation styles. So, you can always count on them to handle your assignments in styles like Harvard, MLA, APA, and Turabian.

Now, why should you consider using our services? What are the top reasons or circumstances that push students to use our essay writing service? Our 10+ years of working with students have taught us that all of them are valid. Read on below to find out the circumstances that should drive you to our doorstep to find help with your academic assignment.

There Is No Wrong Reason for Choosing Our Essay Writing Solutions 

Yes, there are no wrong reasons for choosing us as your helper with essay writing tasks. Talk to us when you get stuck in any of the following circumstances.

  • Pressing deadlines

Pressing deadlines are everywhere in life. The life pressures many students face complicate matters, denying them either the time or necessary concentration to write an excellent essay. Attempting to rush through an assignment just to beat a deadline could earn you poor grades because you need quality time to focus on your papers. 

Are you choking on deadlines? Are your deadlines fast becoming deadlocks and dead-ends? Of course, they shouldn’t degenerate to this level when we are here. You can always bank on our writers to beat all deadlines. Moreover, we ace the deadlines with high-flying grades that advance you to your next academic level. We can handle deadlines as tight as one hour, saving your academic reputation and closing any study gap, no matter how urgent or bothersome. 

  • You need more time to unwind

Let’s face the fact that we live in the busiest generation. Students are swarmed with different assignments that deny them the time to enjoy life’s little pressures. While we know your journey through college is critical, we also believe everyone deserves unwinding time. 

Relaxing with your friends and family is one of the greatest ways of supercharging yourself for the next big thing. Fortunately, we are always there to help you create that invaluable break in your life. You let us do the donkey work while enjoying a good time with your friends and family. 

  • You want to balance competing priorities

Competing priorities are another big reason for choosing our essay writing services. People are on the run to boost their careers. Thus, professionals are returning to school to get second or third degrees. Most such students are busy, and their priorities always clash. For instance, a mid-level executive sitting for a graduate degree often faces times when they must choose between their classwork and job assignments. 

For instance, what would you do if your boss called you late in the evening, instructing you to travel to a neighboring state to attend a company meeting? Will you disobey your boss and fail to participate in the conference because you have an academic assignment? Your job will take precedence over your classwork because, after all, it’s why you returned to college. 

Moreover, adult students with family commitments as parents and spouses often run into moments where they have to sacrifice something. Suppose you are a mother, and your child needs someone to care for them at the hospital or home after discharge. In such moments, you will definitely choose your child’s life over your classwork. 

So, let’s help you balance your life’s competing priorities. Always talk to our team when such moments arise. 

  • Disruptive emergencies have cropped up

While everyone does their best to manage life’s priorities and time, the fact remains that life is pretty unpredictable. Even with the best plans in place, you will always run into disruptive emergencies that demand you get someone to stand in the gap for you. So, never let life’s disruptive emergencies make you fail to beat an academic writing deadline. You are free to talk to us to stand in the gap for you when emergencies come knocking. Yes, helping you handle emergencies is our full-time business.

  • Your research skills are low

Let’s face the fact that being a bright student doesn’t necessarily mean excelling in research work. The truth is that students are gifted differently. So, you don’t need to worry if research isn’t your academic strong point. That shouldn’t make you feel you are academically disabled in that area, no. Instead, it only means you are enabled differently. 

Do you struggle with your research? No worry. You can always talk to us if you are sure your research level won’t allow you to get the best materials to compose perfect papers. Our writing experts are excellent researchers who draft your papers using the most reputable sources. 

  • Your writing skills are poor

Are you poor at writing? No need to condemn yourself if you are because it doesn’t automatically mean you are academically bankrupt. Poor writing skills are common with many academic geniuses, including some of your professors. While you need a certain level of writing skills, the fact remains that writing is a gift many clever people don’t have. We know many genius college students with bright ideas, but presenting them on paper is their only problem. 

So, never let your poor writing skills deny you good grades. Our team can help you present your thoughts in the most coherent and academically logical way. Go ahead and talk to us about your poor writing skills. Our team is more than willing and able to cover your back to give you excellent grades.

  • You don’t want to lag behind your classmates

Missing a deadline means lagging behind your classmates. The problem is that it comes at a very high cost because you will lose time and money. Yes, repeating classes means wasting more time and paying for that time with your hard-earned money. So, let’s save you time and money by doing your assignments to let you get it right the first time.

  • You want to improve your grades

Excellent grades are key milestones to a bright future. With our essay writing services, you can be sure of improving your grades in topics you are weak in. Our writers are skilled and experienced in their respective niches. They understand your assignment needs well and can help you detect or fix errors you wouldn’t do alone. Improved grades are the only way to be sure of moving forward with your classmates. 

  • You wish to polish your assignments 

Our ten-year experience dealing with students has exposed us to various student needs. It’s normal to meet students who have written essays or assignments but aren’t sure these pieces will give them satisfactory grades. 

You shouldn’t worry when you find yourself in such situations. Our team can modify your assignments into credible and more readable materials. Our writers polish your papers to ensure they are stylistically and grammatically correct. They also detect and remove even the slightest dents that might have escaped your eyes. So, when unsure of your paper’s quality, please bring it to us to refine it for higher grades. 

How Our Essay Writing Service Will Write Your Essay

So, how does our team write your papers? As discussed below, our professional essay writing service composes your assignments in easy steps. The team is always on standby to handle even the most pressing deadlines, as short as one hour. We are also available 24/7 to support you. Do you have suggestions, questions, or other inquiries? Feel free to contact our experts through live chat, email, and telephone. 

Prompt Interpretation

Our writers take time to analyze your assignment requirements before working on it. That’s why we require you to give sufficient information when ordering a paper. You must provide enough details to enable our writers to do your assignments according to their instructions. We don’t move to handle anything until we have understood what your task entails and requires. 


After interpreting your paper’s requirements, we go to the next stage—research. We use different online and offline materials to get raw materials to write your essay. We use the most credible and authoritative sources to draft your papers. We understand your paper’s overall quality depends on its sources’ credibility. 

First Draft

After researching the paper, we compose the first copy. We include all the necessary researched materials and everything your instructions stipulated. 


After drafting the first copy, we take it to the second and most important stage—polishing. We have a strict quality control system made up of editors. These professionals check every paper to perfect it. We review papers for the following:

  • Grammar

Excellent grammar is a vital part of our quality assurance. We polish every assignment to ensure it’s grammatically correct. This way, your readers have an easy time reading and understanding your thoughts as you intended them to. 

  • Originality 

100% originality is another critical element we prioritize in our quality assurance. Our team uses some of the best academic writing plagiarism checkers to ensure your assignments are original. If you wish, you may request us to provide a detailed plagiarism report at a small additional fee. 

  • Styling 

Our quality assurance team also checks your assignments for styling correctness. We ensure your paper conforms to all the necessary styling requirements for excellent grades. 

  • Consistency 

We also polish your essays for consistency. Your readers will have challenges reading your essays if the texts don’t flow well. We ensure every idea and thought flows consistently for easy understanding. 

First Submission

Now, after taking your paper through the above stages, we will send you the first polished copy for your approval. You may approve the assignment with or without requesting further revisions. 

Additional Revisions (optional) 

If you need additional revisions, you may request the changes. We offer free revisions until you get satisfied with your order. The order closes once you have approved the essay. 

Here is a digest of our paper writing service’s process:

  • Prompt interpretation. 
  • Research. 
  • Writing the first copy.
  • Polishing the original piece.
  • Submission of the first copy.
  • Further revisions. 

How to Place an Order With Our Essay Writing Service

Now here comes one of the most important parts of our paper writing service—ordering. GradeMiners has an easy ordering process. Below are the details of using our essay service in a few breezy steps. 

  • Fill out the order form

Start your journey of finding help by filling out an order form. You have to provide us with all the necessary details for composing your assignment. We need to know your academic level (high school, graduate, or post-graduate), the paper’s deadlines, the assignment’s word count, and any special instructions for composing your homework. 

  • Pay for your order

After furnishing us with all the details mentioned above, you pay for your order upfront. This stage allows your chosen writer to start working on your essay. You can pay using any of our approved payment methods like Master Card, Visa, American Express, and PayPal. 

  • Review your work

Your selected writer will remain in touch with you throughout the writing process. After finishing the first copy, they send it to you for your review and approval. If you approve the first copy you receive, the order closes there. But if you need further changes, you can request them. 

  • Approve your order 

Next, you approve your order with or without requesting revisions. Your approval means you are free to close an order. Afterward, you can download and submit your paper for excellent grades. Please don’t forget to give us a positive review after using our paper writing service.

Writing Process in a Nutshell as You Contact Your Essay Writer

So, what does the writing process look like when you choose our paper writing service? Below is a summary of what an essay writer goes through when composing your assignments: 

  • First, they interpret your assignments’ instructions to understand all their requirements before embarking on them. This way, you rest assured they won’t make any mistakes along the way for failing to capture your assignment’s needs. 
  • Second, the writer gathers the necessary raw materials to compose your classwork. They use the most credible and reliable materials to give your paper much-needed authority and authenticity.
  • Third, your paper undergoes a rigorous quality assurance process. This process ensures the task is grammatically, stylistically, and editorially sound. It also provides your readers with an easy time reading and understanding your papers. 
  • Fourth, you receive the first polished copy for your approval, with or without asking for further revisions. 
  • Fifth, you approve your work and close the order. At this stage, you can submit your assignment and enjoy good grades. 

Experience the Benefits of Our Essay Writing Service

So, what makes GradeMiners so magnetic to students that they choose us at our competitors’ expense? What benefits do they enjoy when they use our essay writing service? Below are the main benefits students enjoy.

Top Reasons to Choose Our Writing Services

Our custom paper writing service is affordable for local US and international customers. All our writers contribute subject-savvy and content-rich papers that enable you to meet your educational goals. Read on to learn more about why we are students’ preferred writing service.  

Skilled scribes in control

We believe that every paper’s quality directly depends on its writer’s quality. Hiring a poor-quality writer means getting shoddy pieces and vice versa. Therefore, we only employ polished and qualified writers to handle student assignments. 

When choosing them, we ensure every writer has a minimum college degree from a recognized university. Those wishing to write for post-graduate students must also provide post-graduate degrees at the same level. Moreover, all our writers must be native English speakers or demonstrate mastery of English at the ENL level. 

Moreover, we don’t just look for degrees. Instead, we also check out every applicant’s writing experience to ensure they have served students in a commercial setting. All writers must have a minimum 5-year experience handling students as customers to handle our customers. That’s why we don’t hire novices. 

We also pay close attention to all potential writers’ writing skills because we understand that writing is a gift and that having credible papers alone doesn’t make one a great academic writer. These strict requirements put you at ease when choosing to use our essay writing solutions. 

Guaranteed privacy and confidentiality 

We understand your need for confidentiality and privacy. Therefore, our stringent privacy policies guarantee that none of our writers discloses your details. All writers must follow our non-disclosure policy and keep all your dealings with us private. Moreover, we don’t disclose or sell your personal information to third parties. 

Always on time

GradeMiners always delivers papers on time without compromising work quality. We meet all deadlines, including 1-hour orders. You can depend on us to deliver your work on or before the deadline. Yet, keep in mind that extended deadlines attract lower charges, while shorter ones cost you more. So, we suggest you manage your deadlines well, especially if you want to save some coins on your orders. 

100% originality 

GradeMiners promotes academic integrity and honesty at all levels. We don’t want you to get into trouble with plagiarized work. Thus, our quality assurance team passes all papers through the most reputable plagiarism checkers to guarantee originality. We also provide a detailed plagiarism report upon request. 

A safe deal is a safe provider to deal with. We want you to do business with us without worrying about losing your hard-earned money. Therefore, our essay writing service offers a money-back guarantee, keeping your money safe. Our stringent quality assurance processes and additional revisions testify to this commitment to give you the best value for your hard-earned cash. However, if all these efforts don’t satisfy you, you can get your money back. 

We are always available 

We are always online, serving clients 24/7. Our team has a toll-free hotline, live chat, and FB messenger to let you reach us anytime. We have a caring and understanding support staff that addresses all your issues promptly and empathetically. GradeMiners even allows ordering your paper by phone if you feel you don’t have the time to fill out an order form. 

The best prices in town

We understand most of our customers aren’t millionaires or millionaires’ children. Therefore, we price our paper writing service affordably to avoid locking out any willing student needing help. Our goal is to help you boost your GPA. So, we allow you to enjoy our services for as low as $9.99/page, freebies included.

Enjoy generous discounts 

We also want you to maximize the ROI of your limited financial resources. Therefore, we devised ways to enable you to save money on your first and subsequent orders. All our new clients enjoy a 15% discount. Moreover, our loyal customers enjoy a regular 5% discount on their purchases. You can accumulate these discounts to purchase future assignments or enjoy them progressively on each project you buy. 

A learning opportunity 

Our students also benefit by learning better writing styles and techniques. Writers at GradeMiners draft papers to follow specific formatting and styling requirements. Therefore, our orders allow you to learn from the best brains by observing how they do assignments. You don’t just get good grades but also get an opportunity to learn and improve your writing skills.  

Moreover, you can learn critical and analytical thinking by looking at how our writers do their work. Your purchased papers allow you to learn different perspectives to make statements based on your understanding of a given topic. Remember, nothing teaches academic writing better than a perfect example of what a good academic paper should be. 

🏆 A safe operating environment  An SSL-enabled online environment 
✅ A reliable company  A 10-year+ track record 
🎓 An experienced and qualified team Get qualified writers 
📚 Enjoy a personalized approach  Select your preferred writer
💯 Enjoy risk-free help Numerous guarantees 
Enjoy timely and hassle-free service We always beat deadlines 

Affordable Prices at Our Essay Writing Service

So, how do we price our essay writing service? Our pricing depends on several factors, including your assignments’ complexity, length, and deadline. Papers with more extended deadlines cost less than those with shorter ones. Below are examples of what a 1-page paper costs based on different deadlines.  

  • 3 hours – $32.62.
  • 3 days – $16.72.
  • 5 days – $14.42.
  • 7 days – $13.28.
  • 10 days – $13.28.
  • 14 days – $13.11.
  • 30 days – $11.64.

Savvy Ways to Save Money With Us

At GradeMiners, we want you to get the most out of your money. That’s why we offer various ways to save money on our paper writing service. Below are savvy methods to pay less for your orders.

  • Become a new customer

Everyone is a winner in our team. First-time customers join our fold with a generous 15% discount. This discount is only a starting point because they will keep enjoying other offers as time passes. 

  • Be loyal 

You can also save money on our website by remaining a loyal customer. All our loyal buyers enjoy a 5% discount on their subsequent orders. We also extend discounts to them when they refer their friends to our service. You can enjoy your reward as a discount or credit the next time you purchase from us. 

  • Enjoy seasonal discounts 

We also offer seasonal discounts during low-season months. You can organize the schedule of orders in advance to save money. Our seasonal discounts come at the beginning of the year or semester and are also available during holidays. 

  • Set a deadline

Managing your deadlines properly also saves you money on our paper writing service. Working with a tight deadline costs you more than dealing with an extended one. 

  • Take advantage of our freebies 

You may also save cash on your orders by taking advantage of our freebies. Our team offers free plagiarism checks, formatting, proofreading, and bibliographies.

  • Check out our promotions

Lastly, save cash by checking our promotions. We usually run coupon codes and other promotions throughout the year. Here are ways to land these cost-saving offers:

  • Check our website. Check our site to see if we are running any coupon codes, discounts, or promotions to help you save cash on our paper writing service.
  • Sign up for our newsletters. You may also sign up for our newsletter to receive updates whenever we have any promotions or discounts available. 
  • Follow our social media accounts. Don’t forget to follow our social media accounts, like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, to remain up-to-date on our latest discounts and promotions. 
  • Look for our seasonal promotions. Check out our seasonal promotions, such as holiday or back-to-school offers to save more money on purchases.

Confidential and Safe Essay Writing Service

We value your privacy and confidentiality while using our professional writing service. Our team ensures everything happening between us remains a secret between us. We have strict non-disclosure policies all our team members must follow while dealing with customers. 

For instance, our team members don’t disclose your personal details to third parties. We also don’t sell your private data, such as email addresses, to third parties to swarm you with commercial adverts. This way, you may rest assured that you are dealing with a reputable and ethical supplier. 

How We Achieve Quality By Offering Writing Services

Excellent quality defines our essay writing service at all levels. We pass your papers through different steps to make them conform to the necessary academic writing standards. Below are the steps we undertake to ensure every essay writing project is of impressive quality. 

  • Careful writer selection

Quality writing doesn’t grow on trees. Instead, it resides in the quality writers we hire to serve you. Our team pays special attention to this matter because all the writing processes are nothing unless we have competent writers onboard. Therefore, we start by hiring qualified and experienced writers. 

  • Paying attention to assignment details

Our highly qualified writers consider your assignment’s details before handling it. They read and understand your essay requirements and specifications before moving to the next stage.

  • Researching 

Your paper’s quality is as good or poor as its raw materials. That is why our writers are very careful when researching your assignment. They only use the most reputable and authoritative sources to draft your papers. 

  • Quality assurance 

We believe quality is a process. Therefore, all essays pass through an editing process that guarantees their correctness. Our editors scrutinize them to make them grammatically sound and stylistically correct. Our hawk-eyed editors check essays to remove all spelling errors and ensure proper formatting. The quality assurance process also reviews all assignments to ensure they are original to save you from plagiarism problems. 


Below are the most common questions students ask about our essay writing solutions, plus their answers. 

Can you find an essay writer for any essay subject?

Yes, you can. We have a team of writers spanning over 35 academic subjects. These writers serve students at different levels ranging from high school to Ph.D. Therefore, you are free to choose the most suitable essay writer to handle your assignments. 

How do I get a paper from your essay writing service in the correct format?

Our essay writer service guarantees the best quality whenever you order a paper. We pass every essay through a rigorous process to ensure everything is perfect, including all formatting and styling issues, before releasing an essay to you. 

Do you recycle papers with similar topics to save time?

Some service providers recycle papers with similar topics to save time. But we don’t encourage that practice because every student pays to be served from scratch. We only use past work as samples, but our writers are paid to compose papers from scratch. 

How do I pay for the essay help of your paper writing service?

You have many safe ways of paying for your paper whenever you tell us, “Please write my essay for me to help me beat this deadline.” You may pay via PayPal, Master Card, Visa, and American Express. Feel free to use whichever payment method suits you best. 

How fast can you write my essay?

Our essay writing solutions guarantee every student to get their orders on or before their stipulated deadlines. Depending on a paper’s complexity and length, we can handle an average essay in a minimum turnaround of 1 hour. You may also have regular or extended deadlines that stretch up to 30 days. Choosing a more extended deadline saves you money because shorter deadlines are costlier.  

Do you provide a money-back guarantee?

Choosing our essay writing solution means selecting a safe deal. You always rest assured of getting the best results possible. But if, unfortunately, you feel you need a refund even after requesting additional revisions, we refund your money hassle-free. Our money-back guarantee ensures you work with us, knowing you won’t lose your hard-earned cash. 

How can i be sure your writing service is not a scam?

GradeMiners has offered excellent essay writing services for the last decade. We have a proven track record of satisfying students, who have referred our work to build a community of over 56,000 students worldwide. Our happy customers and positive reviews prove we aren’t a scam.

How does your platform guarantee the safety of my personal information?

Our essay writing platform cares for your privacy and safety. Therefore, we have measures to protect your personal information. First, our non-disclosure policy doesn’t allow us to share your personal details with third parties. Second, we don’t sell your contact details to commercial advertisers to keep bogging you down with adverts. Third, an SSL-enabled platform encodes your details while transacting with us. This way, no hacker can see and steal your login or financial information.

Can I choose the writer for my paper?

Yes, you can. Our essay writing platform allows you to select your preferred writer. You choose your writer during the ordering process. On our platform, you will see three types of writers available for your choice. 

First, you see the best available writer in your field. You can select them at no extra cost. Second, you will see another category called the “TOP writer,” whose writers are available at an additional cost. Such writers charge $16.90 per page. These writers fall under the top-30 category based on user reviews. Third, you can choose a first-rate writer for $33.80 per page. This writer category comprises our top 10 writers based on user ratings. 

These three writer availability categories help you choose writers based on your budget. Please remember to provide enough details about your work to enable you to make a prudent choice. Specify your subject, topic, and academic level. 

Is buying from your essay writing service safe?

Our essay writing service is completely safe. You can rest sure of receiving a secure service that guarantees your privacy and confidentiality. 

Who will write my essay for me on your website?

At GradeMiners, we believe that any essay writing solution’s quality is as good or bad as its writers. We believe in the garbage-in-garbage-out principle. That means hiring “garbage” writers guarantees your customers will receive garbage results. 

So, our strict hiring policy allows us to hire only the best brains on the market. We require every writing applicant to meet our stringent requirements before entrusting them to write your future, not just papers. All writers must demonstrate professionalism in their work and not just good academic papers. Thus, we only hire writers with a minimum 5-year working experience. They must demonstrate their ability to handle customers professionally and courteously.

Besides, all applicants must hold a minimum college degree from a recognized university. Our writers also have mastery of English either at a native or near-native level. This requirement allows them to present their ideas grammatically correctly because our primary client base is the United States. 

How do I order an essay?

Getting help from our platform is easy. Our breezy ordering process lets you enjoy your fair share of our essay writing services. You order your essay in four steps, as explained below.

First, complete the online form with all the relevant assignment details, such as deadline, academic level, topic, and scope. Second, pay for your paper using any approved payment gateways to allow your preferred writer to start working on your assignment. Third, the writer starts working on your paper and keeps updating you before sending you the first finished copy for approval. Fourth, you approve your essay with or without asking for revisions before submitting the essay and closing the order. 

How much will it cost me to order a paper?

You can enjoy our essay writing services for as low as $9.99/page, including extras. Our services cover topic research, quotes, drafting, formatting, title page, editing, revisions, proofreading, plagiarism checks, and communication with writers. Besides, you may go for paid services like VIP order status, detailed plagiarism reports, SMS updates, and source copies. 

Please note that your prices will also vary depending on your order’s complexity and word count. Moreover, orders with short deadlines cost more than those with extended deadlines. Planning your deadlines well can save you money in the long term. 

How do I get help when I am stuck?

At GradeMiners, we believe our availability to you during your hour of need is as important as our ability to help you. Thus, we are always available to help you 24/7. We provide you with different communication channels to answer your questions. You may contact us via our toll-free phone number for US students, email, and live chat. This way, you rest assured of an essay writing provider who always stands with you.

What if I am too busy to fill out an order form? Can I still order a paper?

Our team understands you may be too busy to fill out an online form. The best news is that you can enjoy our essay writing services via the phone. You may call and give us all the necessary details for processing an order.  

How do I track my paper’s progress?

You can always track your order’s progress by communicating with your writer. They can constantly update you on the orders’ progress whenever needed. 

Can I get a discount on my purchases?

Yes, you can. We offer a guaranteed 15% “welcome home” discount for all new customers. All our loyal customers also enjoy a 5% discount on their subsequent purchases.

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